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I just got my 2nd acceptance letter from Thomas Cooley Law School here in A2 and they offered me a 50% scholarship.

I just can't get excited. The guy told me the wrong school he was calling from the other day; I was accepted to Michigan State, not U of M.

So I've been accepted to 2 second tier law schools so far.

I mean. It really shouldn't matter where I go to school, I mean. As long as I pass the bar, right? Is it better to graduate at the top of a second tier school or the bottom of a first tier school? I dunno.

My self esteem would just really like to be accepted to a 1st tier school, but really. Did I work as hard as I could? No. I don't deserve a 1st tier admission.

Why can't I be happy.

Date: 2010-02-20 02:12 am (UTC)
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Is it better to graduate at the top of a second tier school or the bottom of a first tier school?

It depends where you want to practice, and also if you get random other degrees or have a weird specialty.

If you want to practice around the law school you were accepted to, then yes, being in the top 5% of a second tier school can get you employed at a sizable regional firm. Regional firms will have ties to the schools around them that you can use to get a job. Heck, when I told our pre-law advisor that I wanted to practice in Colorado, she said going to school in that state would be as good as going to school at a T1 school aaaaaand be cheaper. My dad, who graduated in 2005, added the "top 5%" qualification, which is backed up by SomethingAwful's giant law schcool thread.

If you get an extra miscellaneous degree, that can help, too. My dad graduated somewhere in the top 10% at CU Boulder, then went on to get a taxation degree, which he says is the reason he got the job he did with a large regional firm.

Then again? If you go to a decent school, you can probably start your own or join a small practice. My first job (in Colorado) was with three guys who, uh -- one of them went to law school in Nebraska, one went to CU Boulder, and I can't remember where the third one was from but it was nowhere flashy. And they made a good living for themselves. So yeah.


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