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I have to decide if I want to go to a shitty school in Michigan, or a shitty school in Boston within the next two weeks. I don't know if I'll get in to a good school in Boston or New York; most of them say they won't have a decision until the end of April.

Way to have to make a major life decision while frantically trying to catch up with school work and start end of semester projects.

Michigan will be way cheaper of course. But it seems like this shitty Boston school has decent financial aid opportunities.

I'm not sure how to go about making a decision like this. So, I won't do it today and instead read about the anti-homosexual movements of the '50s.
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It just dawned on me. I'm freaking out about SOMUCHTODOOOOOO but like....I'm already in law school. It's my last semester. It's very unlikely that I'll FAIL any class, since they're all based on papers and seriously, is it possible to fail on a paper?

So. Wtf am I freaking out about. No one cares about my last semester grades, so...why should I kill myself over them?

orz, me. orz
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I just got my 2nd acceptance letter from Thomas Cooley Law School here in A2 and they offered me a 50% scholarship.

I just can't get excited. The guy told me the wrong school he was calling from the other day; I was accepted to Michigan State, not U of M.

So I've been accepted to 2 second tier law schools so far.

I mean. It really shouldn't matter where I go to school, I mean. As long as I pass the bar, right? Is it better to graduate at the top of a second tier school or the bottom of a first tier school? I dunno.

My self esteem would just really like to be accepted to a 1st tier school, but really. Did I work as hard as I could? No. I don't deserve a 1st tier admission.

Why can't I be happy.
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I think I might finally be on the right mix of medications. Or been in a really good mood the last few days. EITHER WAY I am accomplishing things and am now waiting until my laundry is done before diving back in to homework.

All of my law applications have been submitted. Nothing else I have to do now which is a relief. No more worrying about letters or transcripts! Just chillin! Aaahhhh chillin.

I've been chillin' on my schoolwork too. Surprisingly the world hasn't blown up! I've been trying to do my hair everyday and my next goal should probably be to clean my apt whoops.

Hopefully my applications for my first choice schools are in soon enough that if I fail, I still have time to hit up my second tier choices :Db

Things are going well! Let's keep this up!
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Physicists can make antimatter, in the form of individual particles, and even atoms of antihydrogen (an antielectron in an orbital around an antiproton). Perhaps some pocket of the universe contains antistars made from antihydrogen, with circling antiplanets and anticivilizations of antipeople. If so, you could safely introduce yourself to them over a radio transmission, but we wouldn't recommend a handshake.

then later...

Thus, the gold in your jewelry was forged not in the fires of Mordor, but in a type II supernova whose brightness rivaled a hundred billion stars combined.
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I sense this will happen a lot this semester.

In a passage talking about polarization and talking about polarized sunglasses:

The glasses simply employ a filter which eliminates photons polarized in that one directions, so that the remaining light that passes through to your eyes does not include the glare. For the sake of these sunglasses, it is convenient that glare is usually caused by light deflecting off a horizontal surface, so the direction of polarization is the same every time. If you tilt your head, ear-to-shoulder (as if you're eating a taco), then your polarized sunglasses will no longer be of much help (Fortunately, most taco eating takes place indoors.)
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1. I am tired of being told from professors about the UPCOMING H1N1 PANDEMIC AND TO STAY HOOOOOOME OMGGGGG. I know they mean well and have been instructed to do it but geez.

2. My grad level literature course seems like it will be okay. The professor remembered me from a class I had before, and I know a girl in my class so yayz.

3. My astro class won't have any math on the tests, only on the homework. I've never been so relieved in my life, but still think I won't change it to graded from the pass/fail option I have now.

4. Japan since 1700 history class intensive but it shouldn't be bad. The professor is a little weird but oh well.

5. Japan 1600 Revolution history class with Tonomura-sensei is...the exact same as the other history class I had with her orz orz orz. One big paper due. I assumed that from the grad class but not this one sob.

Overall, shitloads of reading and writing this semester. Blargh.

Astro woes

Jul. 31st, 2009 04:29 am
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So, I got my astro textbook and proceeded to freak out and change the course to pass/fail instead of graded. The syllabus was just posted, and 76% in that class will be an A.




Last day at kmart today \o/


Jul. 21st, 2009 09:51 am
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My law school admission council fee waiver petition was approved! I can now apply to most law schools for free!!! This is a Huge Deal. It's recommended you apply to on average 10 schools, and with fees averaging $70 each...ouch. It would have hurt. It will also let me take the LSAT again for free but. Mrrrrr. Dunno if I want that stress again. I'll have to look into exactly what happens to multiple scores.

My books for this year have been pretty cheap too so far; just one more class to go to buy for. Still up in the air on if I want to drop the translation class though, baw.


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