chesuto: (Ohno - bird brained)
幸せはきっと私の手の中に ([personal profile] chesuto) wrote2009-11-30 05:09 pm
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One day I'll stop having expectations from my parents.

Today I made an appointment to be transferred to the University's depression center. I e-mailed my parents to let them know that since my appointment is on the 23rd, I don't think I'd be able to go up to their house for Christmas since they'd have to come pick me up since my sister isn't driving home. But they're more than welcome to come down here and just celebrate and just not take me back with them like they would have had to do if I went home sooner.

So my mom calls me.

"So your sister isn't coming home then? And we probably won't be able to drive down anyway since my hours got cut."

No asking about my therapy. No 'awww no family Christmas times'. Just a blunt 'what's your sister doing'.

I just replied, "I'm not my sister." and refused to say much else.


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