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幸せはきっと私の手の中に ([personal profile] chesuto) wrote2010-01-09 11:54 pm
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Such a terrible day today. Annoyed by people at Mochitsuki, then annoyed by people at work. Annoyed, annoyed, annoyed.

I have this problem where I have standards for people. For example, if I ask you to get something and you tell me you'll get it I...expect you to get it! If I ask you not to do something and you acknowledge it, I expect you not to do it two seconds later! People are just really, really annoying me lately. It's probably compounded by me being off meds so things are more difficult to just let go.

My therapist says that thinking that way is what hurts me. That I have all these expectations in my head that I can't allow for people to do their own thing. And he's probably right since he's a trained professional and all.

But I dunno. Is it so much to ask to hold people to their word? Bleh.


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Mighty useful. Make no miastke, I appreciate it.